Wind Turbine Application Stalled?
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Wind Turbine Application Stalled?

There are a large number of planning applications for wind turbines currently stalled in the planning system, either due to difficulties with statutory consultees or objections from local residents.

MKA can ensure that stalled turbine applications can move efficiently through the planning system through proactively engaging with statutory consultees and directly addressing Objector’s concerns in relation to visual and landscape impact, shadow flicker, ecology, roads etc.

Issues of visual impact or cumulative visual impact of wind turbines are the most common objection to farm turbine.

We can directly address those issues using specialised software to prepare wireframe diagrams and photomontages to help overcome visual concerns.

Click Below to see Viewponts / wireframe diagrams of a recent MKA Appeal Success at Kilnaught Road.

Viewpoint 1 – Roadside Frontage

Viewpoint 2 – Kilnaught Road

Viewpoint 3 – Feeny Road

We work with other consultants to address issues of noise, aviation safety/safeguarding, access, flora, fauna etc.

If your farm turbine is stalled or going for refusal contact Matt or one of the MKA Team at 028 71311551 to discuss your planning matter.